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What Age Is Best To Get A Tutor?

Students can benefit from tutoring at any age. It really depends on each student’s individual circumstances.  Some students will benefit from starting tutoring in elementary school, getting hands-on support in math, reading and/or writing. Other students
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How Many Times A Week Should You Tutor?

A good rule of thumb is to start out meeting with a tutor once a week. Sometimes more frequency is needed, but it’s easy enough to make that adjustment. Better to start on the low side,
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How Long Should Tutoring Last?

A typical tutoring session lasts for 60 minutes. But more or less time might be better depending on factors such as: The age of the student, The focus / goals of tutoring, The location: online or
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Is Paying For A Tutor Worth It?

Is Paying For A Tutor Worth It?

Beyond the immediate benefit of a good grade, tutoring can foster all sorts of positive downstream effects. A semester of math tutoring can build a sense of confidence that spills over into other parts of life, changing
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What Do Most Tutors Charge Per Hour?

What Do Most Tutors Charge Per Hour?

Tutoring rates vary dramatically depending on a number of different factors: How experienced is the tutor? What is the subject or focus of tutoring? Is it a private tutor or a tutor working for a large
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how to help kids with ADHD succeed in school guide

How To Help Kids With ADHD Succeed In School?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder linked with difficulty regulating attention, trouble physically and mentally organizing things, and trouble with impulsive behaviors. ADHD can also affect one’s working memory and executive functioning (ability
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why can't i do math in my head

What It Means if You Struggle Doing Math In Your Head and How To Improve Mental Math Skills

You’re trying to do what seems like it should be simple mental math. You can’t quite get there. You find yourself wondering, ‘why can’t I do math in my head?”.  For starters, most likely you can
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things to avoid in college essays

Things To Avoid When Writing The College Application Essay And What To Do Instead

When faced with writing the college application essay, many students are tempted to pick topics that might seem easy, but turn out to be problematic. Read on as we discuss 6 key things to avoid in
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The College Application Essay – Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Once high school seniors kick their college application efforts into high gear, they quickly run headlong into the requirement to write a personal essay . . .at that point, things often screech to a halt.  It
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Why is algebra so hard

Why Is Algebra So Hard?

Algebra is one of the hardest systems of math we learn in school. But what makes it so hard is also what makes it so important.  You can almost think of Algebra like our first real
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summer tutoring

Exploring What the Best Summer Tutoring Programs Have To Offer Students

School is finally out. Students are buzzing with excitement over summer break. They’re breathing a sigh of relief that daily Algebra lessons are a thing of the past, even if just for a few months. But
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7 Ways an Executive Functioning Coach Can Improve Academic Performance and Prepare a Student for a Lifetime of Success

Executive function — and dysfunction — seems to be a buzz phrase these days.  From your coworker talking about how their executive dysfunction made them miss another deadline to your kid’s report card extolling their developing
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improving reading in primary schools

Key Reading Skills and Improvement Strategies for Tutors to Help Improve Reading in Primary Grade Students

Parents looking for reading help for their students may be at a loss when it comes to finding the right tutoring service or the best reading strategies. Improving reading in the primary grades is possible with
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what is academic coaching

Academic Coaching 101: Definition, Benefits, and Where to Find an Academic Coach Near You

Does your child have trouble completing their chores?  Could their room be declared a national disaster zone?  Are they constantly losing their homework or saying they hate school? If so, academic coaching may be just the
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tutoring after school

After-School Tutoring Programs: Choosing the One That’s Right for Your Student

The term “after-school tutoring program” likely conjures different definitions for different people.  Some may think more childcare-focused with a little homework mixed in, while others picture one-on-one tutoring in a quiet library.  But how do you
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virtual tutors

Virtual Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring: Comparing Your Options

Do you see your child struggling in school? Is the grade they are getting not what you, or they, would like? This can be distressing for a parent and child.  Parents want their children to succeed
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how to increase your grades

10 Tips to Improve Grades No Matter the Reason You’re Struggling

Are you watching your child struggle in school? Are their grades not what you, or they, would like? For a parent, this is heartbreaking — for the student, it is frustrating. Each parent wants their child
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peer tutoring

Peer Tutoring: What Is It and Is It Right for Your Student?

There is no shortage of options for tutoring. The problem isn’t a lack of resources, but finding the best option for you. If you’re researching tutoring for your child, you clearly care about their academic performance
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tutoring services for middle school students

Everything You Need to Know About Tutoring for Middle School Students

Is your sixth-grader struggling to understand what they read? Maybe your seventh-grade student can’t seem to grasp basic algebra. Or your eighth grader is a mess when it comes to organization and study habits.  If your
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tutoring center for elementary students

Tutoring Services for Elementary Students: Learn What to Expect and How to Prepare Your Child for Tutoring

Is your first-grader struggling to understand phonics? Maybe your third grade student still can’t seem to grasp basic math facts. Or your fifth grader constantly has to do major re-works on every one of their writing
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high school tutors

The Benefits of Tutoring for High School Students and Why It’s Worth it

There are so many options when you look for a high school tutor. Where do you begin to look for a tutor that can help your child with their specific needs? One-on-one tutoring can have great
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how do i find a good tutor for my child

How to Find a Good Tutor for My Child: 6 Steps to Tutoring Success

Your child is struggling in the classroom. You know they need a little extra help, but maybe you don’t have the time or feel comfortable with the subject matter. After all, algebra (or whatever the subject)
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test prep tutoring

Test Prep Tutoring: Benefits, Formats, and What to Expect

Admission to top colleges and universities is more competitive than ever before.  Achieving a high test score is one of the best ways to increase the chances of gaining admittance.  If your child is struggling to
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benefits of tutoring in college

10 Benefits of Tutoring Services

Let’s face it. Most students struggle at some point in their academic career.  Whether your child has fallen behind or is just needing a boost of academic encouragement, tutoring may be just what you’re looking for.
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Summer Tutoring: Who’s It For? What Are The Benefits? Why Should I Sign Up?

Long summer breaks are an iconic part of being a student in the U.S. At 10-11 weeks, it’s more than a just a quick reset before starting the next school year. It’s a time to travel,
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