Summer Tutoring: Who’s It For? What Are The Benefits? Why Should I Sign Up?

Long summer breaks are an iconic part of being a student in the U.S. At 10-11 weeks, it’s more than a just a quick reset before starting the next school year. It’s a time to travel, hang with friends and family, go to camp and potentially reinvent yourself through the sheer duration of it. It’s also a great time for academic tutoring…

Yes, that’s right. Academic tutoring over summer.

In this post we’ll answer the who, what, where, when, and why of summer tutoring.

  • Who is summer tutoring for? Mostly everyone.

  • What is it and what are the benefits? Getting back on track or getting ahead.

  • Where and when does summer tutoring happen? Variety of schedule formats.

  • Why should I sign up? Success through personalization.

Let’s start with the why.

Why Should I Sign Up For Summer Tutoring?

Unsurprisingly, all the social, familial, and extracurricular benefits of the long summer come at an academic cost. Decades of research have shown that long summer breaks hold students back. After just 6 weeks, experts say that concept retention and mental acuity drop off precipitously.

On an individual level, the simple answer to this academic backslide is to incorporate some academic activities over the summer. That’s easier said than done. What should those academic activities look like? How do we address motivation when the iconic U.S. summer is calling? This is where summer tutoring can really help.

Tutors are already pros at tailoring strategies, support, and curriculum to the individual. Without the stress or worry of school, summer tutoring can take this personalization to the extreme.

For example, if a student has been struggling in Algebra, their tutor might do an assessment and find that they have some foundational gaps in key pre-algebra concepts or that they have weak number sense skills. Often, students who struggle in math just have some missing pieces like this, but it’s hard to address them during the school year. Over summer, their tutor can provide specific practice and feedback to fill those gaps. Rather than just going through the motions on random academic exercises, a summer tutor can help make the effort specific and meaningful.

Who Is Summer Tutoring For? What are the Benefits?

Summer tutoring is not just about confronting the academic backslide of a long summer. It’s about taking advantage of the unstructured time to work towards specific goals. Maybe you have foundational gaps in math that need attention. Maybe you want to work on becoming a better essay writer or prep for the SAT, or both! The summer is a perfect time to work on these goals because there is an abundance of unstructured time to work with. With that in mind, summer tutoring can be for almost anyone. Here are some common areas of focus for summer tutoring.

  • Math Catch Up – Work on foundational gaps, review past concepts and practice necessary skills.

  • Math Leap Ahead – Explore new concepts and prepare for honors / accelerated courses.

  • Essay Writing Foundations – Review the basics of essay writing and receive highly personalized feedback.

  • Creative Writing – Dive deep into poetry, short stories or creative nonfiction.

  • College Application Essays – Get ahead of deadlines and receive highly personalized support with drafting and revisions.

  • SAT/ACT Prep – Set up personalized curriculum and practice schedule. Work at an accelerated pace to bring your score up quickly.

  • Summer School Tutoring – Get help navigating the accelerated pace. Ensure understanding of the concepts and earn the best grade possible.

Regardless of the area of focus, working with a tutor ensures that you’ll have relevant practice material to work with and that you’ll receive meaningful feedback and support along the way. Combined with the lack of stress and worry from classes and homework, students that sign up for summer tutoring can make incredible progress towards their particular goals.

Where And When Does Summer Tutoring Happen?

These may seem like a basic questions, but the spectrum of possibilities is quite broad. Summer tutoring schedules are as varied as the students themselves. As with many aspects of tutoring, the answers to when and where depends on the individual needs of each student. Rather than prescribe one particular format, I’ll lay out some common formats that can be easily adapted into custom solutions.

Marathon Style – Consistent weekly sessions throughout the summer

This is like how tutoring typically works during the school year, meeting once or twice per week for 60-90 minutes. The major upside to this format that consistency is one of the single most important factors in academic growth and success. By incorporating consistency into summer tutoring, it’s practically guaranteed to be effective and meaningful.

Sprint Style – Short block of 2+ sessions per week towards the end of summer

After a long summer, the first few weeks of school can be a rude awakening. Jumping into tutoring before the start of school can help with that transition and have students feeling ready to go for their first day of classes. By meeting more frequently in the weeks leading up to school, you can cover a lot of ground in a short time, working on everything from core concept review to strategies for staying organized and motivated once the new year begins.

Hybrid Style – 2+ sessions per week scattered throughout the summer

Summers can be busy with vacations, camps and other extended obligations. Fitting in a consistent weekly tutoring schedule is not always realistic. A suitable alternative is scheduling more intensive tutoring weeks during downtimes in-between other obligations. Meeting at least twice in a week allows for one session of teaching concepts and assigning practice material and one session of review / feedback.

Online vs. In-Person

The trade offs between in-person and online tutoring are basically the same over summer as they are during the regular school year. In-person tutoring is a bit more hands on and interactive, but can be more expensive and difficult to schedule. Online tutoring is much more flexible with regards to scheduling, but a bit more limited in the level of connection and interaction. That being said, with complicated summer schedules, online tutoring is generally the preferred option.

How To Sign Up

If you’re interested in summer tutoring, we have a team of professional educators and student tutors who can put together custom summer academic plans to meet your specific goals/needs, whatever they may be. Not only that, but we provide the first session free to all our new students, so you can try us out before making a commitment. Click here to sign up and claim your free session.

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