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In-person Tutoring Services in Portland

Our Approach to In-person Tutoring

We know that every student is unique and that each student may have different needs when it comes to tutoring. Our Portland in-person tutoring typically takes place in a student’s home – we also call this ‘In-home Tutoring’.

We do not maintain a physical PDX tutoring location. Frankly, offices are expensive and most of our students prefer meeting in-home or in a public space anyway, so we’ve ditched the office and put money back into your pocket.

In-person tutoring sessions happen in one of two places:

  1. At the student’s home
  2. In a public meeting space

In-person Tutoring at Home

Our in-home tutors work and live across Portland. So when we match the student with a tutor, we consider proximity to the student’s home. That way, the tutor doesn’t have to drive across the city in traffic and the student enjoys the convenience of an in-home tutoring session.

In-person Tutoring in a Public Meeting Space

Perhaps your home isn’t an ideal location because you live farther outside the city or it doesn’t offer a quiet space with few distractions. In-person tutoring doesn’t have to happen in the home.

Instead, tutors and students can choose a mutually convenient location, such as a cafe or library, to meet regularly.

If you or your student is outside of the Portland metro area, read more about our online tutoring services or simply reach out for more information by clicking below!

What Our Portland Customers Are Saying
About Our In-person Tutoring Services

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Get Started for Free! Here’s How to Sign Up for
Our In-person Tutoring Services

Getting started with Emergent Education’s Portland tutoring is simple.

All you have to do is…

  1. Schedule your free consultation so we can have a conversation about your academic goals and scheduling needs, and gauge if we’re the right fit for you or your student.
  2. From there, you’ll work with one of our Portland in-home tutors to design a learning plan to begin working towards those goals. This plan can be flexible. We’ll build a plan that best fits the student.

That’s it – it’s that easy. Get started today with Emergent Education.

FAQs About In-person Tutoring

After you’ve agreed upon a meeting place, whether a library or your home, you’ll start meeting regularly. During the first in-person tutoring session, your tutor will ask you questions to get a sense of…

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be; and 
  • What it will take to get you there

From there, your tutor will work with you to design a learning plan to help reach your goals. This plan is fluid and ever-evolving. 

During a typical session, you and the tutor will work on what you’ve prepared for the session, starting with the most challenging assignments. 

Have more questions? Contact us for more information or schedule a free consultation.

There is no black-and-white answer. Each student learns differently and may have different preferences. 

We typically recommend that younger students or students struggling with executive functions opt for our in-person tutoring services as opposed to our online options.

Modern technology has made it possible for students to enjoy highly effective virtual tutoring. However, there is no substitute for the quality connections of meeting in person. 

Not sure which is best for you or your student? We can help! Contact us to see if Emergent Education is right for you.

Pricing for in-person or in-home tutoring varies depending on the level. 

K-12 Subject Tutoring & Academic coaching is $85 per hour. IB / AP Tutoring & Test Prep is $100 per hour.

Read more about our specific pricing and plans here.

One-on-One Math Tutoring Session with Emergent Education Tutor Eric Sorensen at Portland High School

What to Expect

First, we talk about where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. Together, we’ll design a plan for your learning, setting goals and timeline targets. At each meeting, we will begin by evaluating your understanding, reviewing goals and making adjustments as needed. Then we work on what you have prepared for our session, usually the most challenging problems or assignments that you could not complete alone.

One-on-One VS. Small Group?

Traditional one-on-one tutoring allows for the most individualized support. Small group tutoring balances that support with more peer-to-peer engagement. Students can teach each other a lot about a subject when given the space and tools to do so. Reach out today to learn more.

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Online Tutoring


Near or far, we offer online tutoring via Zoom and BitPaper to keep you learning.