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About Our Portland Science Tutoring Services

Types of Science Tutoring We Offer

What does it mean to be a scientific thinker? Science is all around us – affecting us every day, directly and indirectly. 

Science tutoring allows us to break down the scientific process and tap into a greater understanding of the world and the things we do not know. Over time, scientific thinking becomes more and more accessible.

We offer support in several science subjects. Some of them include:

  • Middle School Science
  • Earth Science
  • Biology 1-2
  • Chemistry 1-2
  • Physics 1-2
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics
  • IB Biology (All Levels)
  • IB Chemistry (All Levels)
  • IB Physics (All Levels)

This list is not exhaustive. Our tutors are ready to help you succeed in various classes at different levels. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to see if we can help.

Looking for an online science tutor? We offer virtual science tutoring to students in the Portland area and beyond. 

Our Approach to Science Tutoring

At Emergent Education, we teach students what it means to be a scientific thinker. We break down the scientific process and sharpen critical thinking skills to help students feel more confident in their academic abilities. 

Many students entering higher level Science classes find themselves in a lab setting or project-based learning for the first time in their academic career. 

This transition can bring up negative feelings towards the subject if the student is not well-equipped with the skills they need to succeed in their science classes.

Common Science Struggles We See

Like math, many students come to us with a negative outlook on Science. Whether it’s a lack of understanding they feel or a general doubt in their ability to succeed, the overwhelming majority of our Science students are in need of a mindset shift as well as coaching on key academic skills.

Common struggles students face in their science classes are:

  • Understanding expectations
  • Writing lab reports
  • Lacking the foundational math skills

Addressing these struggles sets students up for success in their science classes and gives them the confidence to embark on the path of scientific discovery alongside their peers. 

Where We Come In: Emergent Education
Science Tutors – Portland Oregon

Science is all about how we advance our understanding of things we do not know or do not yet know fully. The scientific method provides us the process to discover a new level of understanding.

At Emergent Education, our tutors work with students to cultivate critical thinking skills and utilize available resources, leaving them empowered to learn and discover the world around them.

Instilling that confidence is often the first step to effective learning. From there, we assess the student’s academic skills and determine to what extent valuable elements of academic coaching need to be layered into their learning plan. 

For example, a student writing a lab report for the first time might benefit from our Portland biology tutoring services.

Does the student know how to read the rubric? 

Can they understand what’s expected of them? 

Do they know what they will be graded on? 

Reading a syllabus, understanding expectations, and writing lab reports are examples of key academic skills needed for success in most science subjects. Our tutors work with students on these important academic skills in addition to solving content-specific questions with the student.

How to Get Started With Science Tutoring

Signing up for science tutoring sessions with Emergent Education is simple!

  1. It starts with a conversation. During the initial free consultation, we can discuss the student’s needs, circumstances and tutoring preferences. 
  2. We match the student with a science tutor that best suits academic and scheduling needs.
  3. Begin tutoring sessions and expand the student’s knowledge and confidence in Science.

FAQs About Science Tutoring

We offer one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions for science subjects. 

We always encourage students to select the learning environment they will feel most comfortable in. Some students prefer privacy during their sessions while others benefit more from peer interaction.

We offer science tutoring for all levels. Need AP Physics support? Get matched with a talented AP Physics tutor. Portland residents can choose either in-person or online support.

Absolutely! We offer online science tutoring for students in the Portland area and beyond.

Looking for online support from a high-school chemistry tutor? Portland residents can choose from our online or in-person tutoring options.

Read more about our online tutoring services here. 

Many parents and students want to know how our online tutoring services are different from distance learning. 

Our online tutoring services for science are one-on-one and offer more privacy and attention than distance learning with an entire class of students. We strive to create an environment that is conducive to learning.

Yes, we offer in-person science tutoring for students in the Portland area. Our in-person tutoring typically happens in our students’ homes or in a public space. 

We work with students to come up with the best tutoring solution for them. If hybrid tutoring fits your needs (a mix of in-home and online tutoring sessions), we can make that happen. 

While online tutoring provides an effective and convenient solution for student learning, some students thrive working face-to-face with one of our science tutors. Portland, Oregon-based students can benefit from our in-person tutoring services.

Pricing for science tutoring services ranges from $65 to $85 per session depending on the:

  • Subject level
  • Type of tutoring session

We can help you select the best tutoring options for you or your child while keeping your budget in mind.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about our pricing options.

One-on-One Math Tutoring Session with Emergent Education Tutor Eric Sorensen at Portland High School

What to Expect

First, we talk about where you are, where you want to be, and what it will take to get there. Together, we’ll design a plan for your learning, setting goals and timeline targets. At each meeting, we will begin by evaluating your understanding, reviewing goals and making adjustments as needed. Then we work on what you have prepared for our session, usually the most challenging problems or assignments that you could not complete alone.   

One-on-One VS. Small Group?

Traditional one-on-one tutoring allows for the most individualized support. Small group tutoring balances that support with more peer-to-peer engagement. Students can teach each other a lot about a subject when given the space and tools to do so. Reach out today to learn more.
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Online Tutoring


Near or far, we offer online tutoring via Zoom and BitPaper to keep you learning.