Tutoring Services for Elementary Students: Learn What to Expect and How to Prepare Your Child for Tutoring

Is your first-grader struggling to understand phonics?

Maybe your third grade student still can’t seem to grasp basic math facts.

Or your fifth grader constantly has to do major re-works on every one of their writing assignments.

If your elementary school student is having learning difficulties, you have come to the right place.

Here, we cover what you can expect from tutoring services for elementary students and how you can prepare your child to make the most of each tutoring session. 

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Does Tutoring Help Elementary Students?

Yes. Tutoring is an extremely helpful tool for elementary students, particularly if they’re struggling in reading. Bridging any educational gaps during the elementary years can help set the student up for a future of academic success.

How Do You Know if Your Child Needs Tutoring?

The obvious answer is poor grades. 

But, the fact is that there are several other indicators that can point to a need for tutoring services for elementary students.

Is your student:

  • Showing a decreased interest in learning?
  • Experiencing a decline in their test scores?
  • Putting off homework until the last minute?
  • Expressing confusion or frustration about what they are learning in class?
  • Exhibiting a drop in their self-esteem?
  • Showing disorganization when it comes to their schoolwork?
  • Turning in sloppily done homework?

If so, they may benefit from private tutoring for elementary students.

3 Common Subjects That Are Covered During Elementary Tutoring Services

Elementary tutoring programs will utilize a tutoring curriculum, rather than being homework-focused. 

Students in elementary school may benefit from a customized tutoring plan in the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Reading and phonics; and
  • Writing

#1: Mathematics

Elementary tutoring programs for math usually focus on building a strong mathematical foundation. These critical skills will be used throughout the student’s educational career.

Elementary math tutors help students master basic skills, such as:

  • Number formation
  • Math vocabulary 
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Logic
  • Creative problem-solving techniques
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percents

Math tutoring services for elementary students will start with a thorough assessment of the student’s mathematical skills. 

From there, the tutor will formulate an individualized program to set the student on a path for success in math.

Many times, students will have a “mental block” when it comes to math and think that it is “too hard” or that they can’t understand certain concepts, such as:

  • Greater than/less than
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Left/right; or
  • Story problems

 A math tutor works with each student individually, presenting different ways of solving problems and understanding math concepts to find a way that works for the student.

An elementary math tutor can also encourage the child to ask questions. This helps the child realize that there is no stigma in inquiring about concepts they do not understand.

#2: Reading and Phonics

Reading is used in every area of the classroom — from math story problems, to test instructions, to textbooks. 

A strong foundation in reading and comprehension is critical for your child’s future educational success in elementary school and beyond.

An elementary reading tutor will work with your student to ensure your they have a solid understanding of:

  • Phonics
  • Basic reading skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling 
  • Reading comprehension
  • Word meaning
  • Critical thinking skills; and
  • More

Reading and phonics tutoring services for elementary students begin with an evaluation of the student’s strengths and deficits in the area of reading. 

This evaluation allows the tutor to have a greater understanding of your child’s learning styles and enables them to prepare an individualized tutoring program.

#3: Writing

Writing is a key form of communication and a method of logically organizing and communicating ideas. Writing, like reading, is a foundational skill that your student will benefit from for their entire life.

Elementary tutoring programs for writing will begin by assessing the student’s current writing skills. 

They will then create a customized plan, working with the student in areas such as:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Sentence structure
  • Paragraph writing
  • Poetry 
  • Composition
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How Long Is an Elementary Tutoring Session?

As any parent knows, most elementary school students have relatively short attention spans and can be easily overwhelmed by having to focus for a prolonged period.

In many instances, the best method of tutoring for an elementary student is one that is done in little bites, rather than a single longer session.

At Emergent Education, we have found that for elementary students, doing four to five 30-minute tutoring sessions per week can often be far more productive than one two-three hour session.

Online tutoring services for elementary students can be very effective. Due to the convenience of not having to travel for tutoring services, shorter sessions are possible over four to five days a week. 

How Do You Find Elementary Tutoring Services for Your Child?

Whether you’re looking for an experienced tutor with years of experience or a student tutor to help your child with their homework, Emergent Education can help. 

Emergent Education offers … 

  • One-on-one 
  • Small group
  • In-person; and 
  • Online

… sessions that are specially designed to meet the unique needs of your child.

What Are Tutoring Rates for Elementary Students?

Tutoring rates for elementary students range from $20 to $75 per hour. The hourly rate depends on:

  • The tutor’s level of experience 
  • The tutor’s credentials
  • Location of the tutoring; and
  • Subject

5 Qualities to Look for In an Elementary Tutor

Here are the top five things you want to look for when you’re seeking a tutor for your elementary-aged child. 

#1: Connection and Chemistry

Especially with younger students, connecting with their tutor may be the most critical element in a successful tutoring experience. 

A child who feels a strong connection with their tutor will be more attentive and engaged, leading to an enhanced level of learning. 

If your child does not enjoy their time with their tutor, or they don’t feel comfortable with them, their learning will be hindered. 

It’s a good idea to speak with your tutor before hiring them, and ideally, have your child meet them.

You may even have the option of scheduling a trial lesson, so you can get an idea of the chemistry between your child and the tutor.

Keep in mind that it will take several sessions for you to see success, so at this stage, you are looking for connection and chemistry.

#2: Energy and Enthusiasm

You will want to look for a tutor that is enthusiastic about working with your child — someone with plenty of energy. 

The ideal tutor will be filled with a contagious passion and excitement for learning, which will rub off on your student.

This type of person will help motivate your child and encourage them to apply themselves — both to the tutoring session and at school. 

#3: Caring and Nurturing

Elementary students must have a tutor that is both caring and nurturing, as shown by:

  • Endless patience
  • Kindness
  • Gentleness; and
  • Compassion

You will want to find a tutor who is a good listener and knows when to pull back from academics for a few minutes to re-establish a connection with your child.

#4: Adaptable and Flexible

The ability to be flexible and adapt to different situations is a non-negotiable trait for all in the education field. 

Tutoring requires a continuous process of re-evaluating a student’s needs and re-inventing teaching methodologies. Therefore, a tutor must be able to provide flexibility when it comes to:

  • Teaching methods: Tutors must be able to adapt their teaching to the learning styles of each student, such as:
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Reading-writing; or 
    • Hands-on learners
  • Lessons: Maybe the tutor had a specific lesson structure for the session, but the student is not grasping the concept at hand or is struggling in a different area and needing extra help. The tutor must be willing to adjust the tutoring content and goals for a session if necessary.
  • Dealing with the emotional needs of their students: A student, who is having a rough day, may not be able to accomplish all that was intended for that session.

A quality elementary school tutor will be flexible and able to adapt to the educational and emotional needs of each student.

#5: Accepting and Respectful

Finally, you will want to seek out a tutor who is accepting of your child and treats them with respect. 

Just like adults, children are easily able to detect someone who has a judgmental spirit. Your tutor must handle your child’s deficits and inevitable errors in a way that is kind and non-demeaning.

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What Will Your Child Gain From an Elementary Tutoring Program?

There are a huge number of benefits your child will experience from tutoring services for elementary students, including: 

  • Better grades
  • Improved test scores
  • A love for learning
  • Increased confidence, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Good study habits 
  • Perseverance
  • Goal setting 
  • A positive attitude toward school
  • Increased ability for self-guided learning 
  • The ability to ask questions when they don’t understand a concept 
  • Improved communication; and
  • Enhanced listening skills 

How Should You Prepare Your Elementary School Child for Tutoring Services?

There are several things that you can do as a parent to prepare your student for a successful tutoring session, including:

  • Creating positive anticipation about the session
  • Speaking to your child’s teacher in advance to let them know tutoring will be taking place
  • Reviewing any homework your child has before the tutoring session
  • Making sure your child is well-rested
  • Feeding your student before the tutoring session
  • Creating a calm atmosphere for the session

And it’s important to debrief your child following their tutoring session by asking them: 

  • What they learned
  • What they feel the most positive about; and 
  • What they need to work on

Emergent Education: Trusted Elementary Tutoring Services in Portland, OR

The years spent in elementary school create the foundation for your child’s educational future. 

If a child fails to master a basic skill, it can be easy for them to fall behind.

Emergent Education can help to take the frustration out of education for you and your child.

At Emergent Education, we offer elementary tutoring in …

  • One-on-one
  • In-person
  • Small group; and
  • Online sessions

… and we have services for every elementary subject — and every family’s budget.

Our team of student tutors and professional educators can help your child build confidence and skills that go far beyond the academic classroom. 

With our tutors’ diverse educational skills and experience, we’ll be able to match your child with the tutor best suited to their individual needs.

Call Emergent Education today to schedule your first tutoring session — for FREE!

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